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15/12/2022 - Confidence in the Economy in the EU improves in November for the first time since February.

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According to data released by the Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs of the European Commission, confidence in the European Union rose to 92.2 points from 91.2 points, slightly improving in the month of November 202 (the index measuring the overall sentiment rose to 93.7 points, compared to 92.7 points in the previous month) and this represented the first increase since February. The increase of the economic confidence during the month of November was driven by a rebound in consumer confidence, which more than offset a further deterioration in industrial confidence. Among the major EU economies, economic confidence increased strongly in Italy (+4.1) and, to a lesser extent, the Netherlands (+1.2) and Germany (+1.1), while it decreased in Spain (-1.7) and France (-1.6). As regards the components of the index for the Eurozone, consumer confidence rises to -23.9 points -27.5, while confidence in services passes from 2.1 points to 2.3 (expected for 2 points). The industry index worsens to -2 points from -1.2 points (expected for -0.5 points).